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The Canvas Accessories -Card Case/ Coin Case/ Passport Case- | how to live
The Canvas Accessories with Leaf Print
Card Case/ Coin Case/ Passport Case
Card Case: 4-TCASL
Coin Case: 4-TCOLL
Passport Case: 4-TCPCL
Material Canvas 4 Wash with Leaf Print
100% Cotton / Leaf Print /
(Metal Parts Brass Color)
Band: 60%Rubber / 40%Polyester
Size (cm)
Card Case: W12 x H7(13.8)
Rubber Band: L22.5
Coin Case: W13 x H11
Rubber Band: L95
Passport Case: W11 x H16 x D1
Color Ecru - Gold
Card Case: ¥6,000
Coin Case: ¥8,000
Passport Case: ¥9,000
箔プリントをしたパスポートケース、カードケース、コインケース。いろんな使い道は、あなたのアイデア次第。 旅行に日常生活に、便利に楽しく使って!

Leaf printed passport case, card case and coin cases. Have fun finding the most convenient way to use it. Use it in when you travel or even in your daily life!
The Canvas Accessories | how to live